Welcome to the 5280 Theater Company FAQ page the place for all of your questions and answers if you still have questions please fell free to start an online chat or call us at 720-650-8199.

Are Tieckets Refundalbe

No tickets for our events and shows are non refundalbe please note we can reschedule your tickets if you need it!

Is there free parking?

Dpending on the venue our show or event is being held at. Most of our venues do ofeer free parking for all of our show and events.

Do we offer weddings?

Not at this time but we love to hear your feedback!

How to track an order?

To track your order please look in your email for a shipping confirmation from there click the button that says " Track Order".

Do you film music videos

Yes we do please contact us for pricing and dates.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Not at this time thank you for your copration.

Is summer magic tour refunadable?

No at this time we can not refund that show however we can reschedule. If you need to reschedule please start an onlice chat or call us at 720-650-8199.

When do Broadways Best tickets go on sale?

Tickest go on sale April 1st.

Is there a menu for Broadways Best

The venue offers a wide range of food and drinks click the link below for the full menu. Link: Menu – Jesters Dinner Theatre (jesterstheatre.com)

Can I advertise with 5280 Theater Company?

Yes you can we offer advertisment in show programs and tickets as well as our website! Please email: Info@5280theater.com for more info and pricing.